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Our Mission
We are dedicated to developing aspiring and current military officers that emulate the Five Star qualities while fostering strong joint-service relationships.

Our Vision
Our members will redefine the standard of excellence for all military officers.

How to Join

Which program is right for you?

There is still some work to be done, but the Junior, Senior and Honor Society programs are now open!

Junior Program for


We are proud to debut our newest program for JROTC students.

This program aims to support the planning and accomplishments of JROTC students’ goals and aspirations. Our objective is to help expose these members to opportunities, mentors, and resources that assist them in accomplishing their goals and developing the Five Star qualities.

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Senior Program for


We are proud to debut our transformed program!

This program focuses on exposing these future leaders to a wide variety of resources that are based on the Five Star qualities. We do not intend to teach a member a specific curriculum on “how to lead” — but instead,¬† we encourage members to diversify themselves and become the officer they want to be.

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Honor Society for


Join the only nationally accredited military honor society!

The National Honor Society of Scabbard and Blade is an active member of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS). This accreditation allows students to add membership to their transcript and resume along with recognizing them for not only being an outstanding scholar, but also a superior officer candidate. The best of both worlds.

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Professional Program for
Commissioned Officers


We are working hard to bring our nation’s officers a great program.

We plan to provide a dynamic platform that will enable our new, current, and former military officers from different military branches the opportunity to continue their development while improving  their joint service education and relationships.

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